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Chicken Chronicles Part 2

So on my way up to Animal Place I felt compelled to sing a little ditty to my new ladies… and now you can see why I am not thriving in the field of musical arts. I am sure Kayne West will not be standing up anytime soon at any award show telling the world I should have won best album.  DAMN IT! A girl can dream right?

Once I got there, the process was very quick and easy. Two of the girls that worked there took me to their second site location, helped me with my portable cage and loaded up the birds. I got the girls home and immediately out them in their coop. I chose to keep them in the coop for a few days (not allowing them out to roam) so they could get use to their new home. I did go down each day and collected the eggs and made sure they got familiar with me.

Around day 4 I opened the door up and allowed them to “roam”. I was actually surprised to see than none of them were interested to see what was beyond the big chicken wired door. I guess when you have spent your whole life in a tiny little cage, this big coop was like a paradise. Finally around day 7, a few of the girls ventured out… but it took me enticing them with treats (scrambled eggs with egg shells).

So here we are at day 10 and just today has been the most nautically change in their out of coop behavior. I will come down to the coop and all the girls come right out. They are not roaming around like my other chickens use to do (my other girls who I raised from chicks would roam the entire property all day long) but I think as time goes on they will become more comfortable and push the boundaries a little bit each day.

Here is a picture of Nova getting a lesson on how to act around the girls.

Nova and the chickens

This girl was very interested in me taking pictures. For chickens who don’t want to roam far from the coop they are very friendly. :)

Chicken eating my boot


I feel so lucky to have been able to rescue these girls. I am positive I will add to my flock at some point down the road so stay tune for more chicken chronicles. 

*** And yes… snarky sarcastic Meghan is still alive. Doing good helps keep me out of hell.

Chicken Chronicles – Part 1

Just a quick post because I am pretty excited about the fact I am saving 10 little chickens this Friday. More details to come on that in my seconds post but I wanted to post this little video of me getting everything ready.  I was cleaning out my chicken coop and I seriously felt like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs… (BARF)!!!


Apple iPhone 6 Bends…. really?

I’ve been waiting over a year with a broken phone (yeah… that is my own fault) for the new iPhone 6 just to hear that the new phone is having issues already. According to current Apple iPhone 6 users, Apple’s latest phone allegedly bends when carried in pants pockets.

iphone 6

Apple has yet to respond to the “rumors”… but with all of the pictures and video below it is hard to call them rumors. Everyone is calling this issue #bendgate.

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger posted this video of himself bending a brand new iPhone with his bare hands.

Hopefully Apple will respond to this issue before they have a major problem on their hands. I have yet to receive my phone and I’m telling you all right now… I know myself and I hate to say this… that poor little sucker will end up in my back pocket and will probably look like a taco by the end of the day. I better start looking for some sort of hard core protective case now.

That’s all for now! 

Maid of Honor Speech

One of the other bridesmaids videoed my maid of honor speech. I was more than honored to give this speech but also a little nervous as you can tell… and had to read it from my printout. 😉Maid of Honor

I have no problem being the center of attention but I wanted to make sure I expressed all of the emotion I was feeling with a hint of humor… true Meghan form if you will. The camera died half way though so forgive the choppiness. I realized I messed up a little with my wording but I think you will get the just of it. :) Overall the wedding was AMAZING and I can officially say every single person danced the night away. Enjoy! 

Road Trip – The Motherland

And our wedding week adventure begins…

It is 5am and we have departed with the minivan (nicknamed the guac as it is guacamole colored) is packed FULL with everything wedding. I love that the speed limit for most of the trip in Nevada was 80 MPH! VROOOM VROOM!

IMG_0970Park City, Utah or BUST!


And for those of you who do not know… i’m blogging my road trip to the motherland (aka UTAH!). My sister has decided to get married in the beautiful Park City, Utah and my mom needed to drive a ton of stuff out there so I decided to keep her company on this adventure. Stay turned…



Dare for Donations #4

Pie in the face time….

This dare was the first challenge (donation) that I was given by someone I do not know. I was so touched that a stranger saw my videos and made a donation!! How awesome is that?

It actually surprised me that so many people said no at first. And after it was done I was not prepared for the creamy film left on my contacts. I threw them out for fear I was going to get pink eye. HAHA!

SOOOOO A BIG BIG BIG thank you to my new friend for donating and giving me this fun dare! I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we did when making it.


And if you would like more info on my Dare for Donations campaign please check out:

Thank you so much for all of your support and I keep watching as I will have more dares to come.

xoxo ,


Dare for Donations # 3

One of my favorite things about driving to work was when I got to see the homeless man dancing his heart out on the corner of two main roads in Roseville, CA. He always seemed so happy (despite his living situation) and just danced all day long. Well…. my lovely friends Kevin and Morgan McDonald came up with a nice little dare – for me to go dance with our house-challeneged friend. Long story short, his name is Clifford and he very much loves life and is a really nice guy. My dear friend Shannon Hoff joined me (as she is just as crazy as I am) in the fun. We set up shop at the corner of Douglas Blvd and East Roseville Parkway (MAJOR MAJOR roads in Roseville, CA) and got to it. This might not make sense until you watch the video but no one was harmed during the making of this and my lip is no longer swollen. 😉 Enjoy!!!

On a side note: Shannon and I connected with Clifford and ended up bringing him clothes, a sleeping bag, pillow, food, etc. If you ever drive by and feel like helping someone out… Clifford would not mind. :)

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Thank you so much for all of your support and I keep watching as I will have more dares to come.

xoxo ,


Shots shots shots!

In preperation for my upcoming trip to Ecuador I had to get a handful of immunizations. I thought it was be fun (since I am already videoing my fundrsaising dares) to also video pretty much everything else pertaining to my trip. This nurse was seriously amazing and made a normally unpleasant dr. visit fun and comical.


And be sure to check out my Dare for Donations page for more info on my trip:

xoxo ♥,


Dare for Donations # 2

Like I said before… I will do just about any dare for a donations. My wonderful friends (Mardy & Rachel and Leah & Joe) so amazingly came up with the fun dare of shot gunning a beer (yes I am 21) and then proceeding to jump on a pogo stick. It still makes me laugh thinking about the moment. Enjoy!

**** and please please please forgive my most unladylike behavior at the end. My mom is probably mortified****

And if you would like more info on my Dare for Donations campaign please check out:

Thank you so much for all of your support and I keep watching as I will have more dares to come.

xoxo ,


Dare for Donations – #1

My sister so wonderfully encouraged me to jump in our freezing cold pool as a dare and of course I could not say no. I think I had more reservations about being in a bathing suit in the middle of winter (PASTY WHITE) than the temperature of the pool. I was definitely mistaken. LOL

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to check out my Ecuador site:

Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for all of your support and I keep watching as I will have more dares to come.