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The Contest Night to Remember

(Yes, I know my name is spelled wrong below in the video…Steven, you’re killing me?!! :) )
Our night began with a knock on the door from our limo driver…THANK GOD we were actually ready… the girls that is.   As you can see in the beginning of the video I gave a little shout of to all of the AMAZING people that made the night possible. Well, my brain works way way way faster than my mouth… I think that is why I talk so fast. I totally did not realize I jumbled up the words my first go around. Well…after that I kept making everyone count down and then say “action” before I started talking…which would just make me laugh. It is actually making me laugh right now thinking about it…. which is weird because I’m home alone and now I feel like a big dork! HAHAH! Back on track here….  The whole night honestly was nothing but laughs. From my door step to Morton’s Steakhouse I think I scared everyone by attempting to rap like T-Pain (you’ll see that in the video but thankfully not be able to hear me! I thought I rocked “I’m on a boat” with the help of T-Pain iPhone app. Just as I was diving in to my story about how I named my Roomba vacuum Chuy after Chelsea Handler’s little Nugget (yes… I love Chelsea Handler) we arrived at Morton’s where we had one of the best dinners ever. Our server was the cutest most attentive girl and could not have been nicer. The Manager even gave us deserts to go… (HUGE BONUS POINTS IN MY BOOK…as I ate those late night)! Once we got to Sacramento Punchline we were escorted past a long line of people that wrapped around the corner and right to the entrance door and taken to our VIP seats. Honestly… it was non stop fun where the night kept getting better and better!

I (and I know I speak for all of us) again would like to give a big thank you to SacramentoComedy.Com, Morton’s Steakhouse, and the Sacramento Punchline. It truly was A Night to Remember and one I (we) will never forget.

Me, Tru , & Sierra
Me, Tru , & Sierra

PS: We would be happy to go again any time… I’m sure I can round up a group of fun friends! HEHEHEHE.