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Urban Photo Shoot

Finally… I have had the pictures ready to post yet I just could not seem to find the time to sit my happy ass down and write the blog post. So, my apologies for taking so long. As usual, Jamie (Jamie Brooke Photography) and I had way too much fun together. The picture of me in a bathtub was taken when we decided to walk in to a upscale design showroom and I hopped in the front window display. I’d like to think I helped their sales. 😉

So… I’m keeping it short and sweet… check out Jamie’s site! My words do not do her talent justice. Enjoy!!patrick 2 060b


This is actually the front of a lawyer’s office. I was praying they would not open the door when we were taking this picture… however I was fully prepared to yell “erroneous! erroneous on all accounts!” if they did. 😉

patrick 2 044b


I hopped on a old fashion scale… and needless to say there was a crowd right behind Jamie laughing at me.

patrick 2 066b


Obviously something was funny… It was a pretty busy day and we were getting a lot of people honking at us, asking us weird questions, etc. I, of course, made up some interesting answer as to why we were doing the photo shoot. Why not? We were having fun!


patrick 2 123b

I am still regretting not buying that hat. That would have been be such a rad hat to rock at a tea party… or just any party for that matter! I’ve been to one tea party in my life… so I think I would just need to have a Dos Equis moment and wear the hat out one night.

patrick 2 022

Let me just say… it was not easy to keep a straight face… NOT EASY!



This was one of the last pictures we took (IT WAS HOT OUT and we were headed to get some rockin’ fro yo) and I remember looking at this family walking by just staring at us. It kind of reminds me of a mug shot… that is why I love it. So if I ever have to get a mug shot (which I hope NEVER happens)… I would like for it to look like this. HAHAH

patrick 2 210

Here we are… bath tub time. Yes… this is the very front of the store! DISPLAY WINDOW! There were people walking by just looking at me… some laughing… some wondering if I was a “live model”. LOL! Jamie and I were dying laughing. Funny thing was… none of the sales people came up to us. I actually was waiting for a tap on the shoulder and a… “may I help you?” Perhaps next time I’ll come in a bathrobe!

patrick 2 202b

PS: the tub…not that comfy. I do not recommend buying! 😉



Pre Photo Shoot Road Flip

Texting while driving is illegal… I’m sure flipping while driving is too! I did not really edit this random little video much as you can see. I decided to shoot a little clip on my way down to a photo shoot with the one and only Jamie Truttman! YOU HAVE TO CHECK HER WEBSITE OUT! Jamie Brooke Photography = Heaven!!! SHE IS AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER! We had the best day ever and the pictures came out awesome. I have only seen a few so far… and as soon as I have more I will be posting them to my site… so stay tuned! In the mean time… enjoy my spastic random video and go become obsessed with Jamie… because I AM!!! 😉



Oh, PS…. I ended up not shooting any more video that day. It was HOT and we just wanted to take picts and get HUGE frozen yoguarts! Plus…my camera was dead. Sorry guys… but…I posted a little teaser picture below that Jamie sent me. More to come!