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Vampire vs. Jedi = Pillow Talk?


Sooooo… I have to share this little moment in my life as while I now find it VERY comical, during this heated conversation I got quite upset. As many of you know (and if you don’t by now, I have a little OBSESSION with vampires! LOL. Ok, yes..I know… so does everyone else. But I seem to think that my obsession is different; somehow special. Edward and I are getting married…however I also have a new found love for both Salvatore brothers (Vampire Diaries)! I actually looked online recently to see if The Vampire Diaries were having casting calls as I felt I am perfect for the show. I had my roll all scripted out and everything. I cannot share that in case I do get on the show and we need to use that material! HAHA! Last but not least… let’s not forget True Blood. Basically I just want to become a vampire (the Hollywood version… not the ones I have researched online….uhh yeah, I’ll admit it…. I spent some time online looking around! LOL). So let’s get to this story already..

I was laying in bed with said person and looked over at him and said something along the lines that if I were “turned” into a vampire would he want me to turn him too. I expected him to say yes. Without any hesitation he says NO! I was completely shocked and immediately asked what, why not, are you crazy!? We went back and forth for a few minutes about it. I said I would turn him anyhow. He would not have a choice. I would sneak up on him and turn him (oh…. I would be able to walk in the day light too.. and not sparkle… that is kind of annoying). He then tried to tell me he would fight me off. I laugh. How can one fight off a vampire. With a dead serious face he looks at me and says “I’m a Jedi”. WHAT!!! Are you for real!…. wait it gets better… Then I sit up… look right back at him…. I am actually upset right now. I say “I’m trying to have a serious conversation. Jedi are not real.” Yup… that is right! You heard me correctly! He burst out laughing. He repeats what I said in a sarcastic tone and then says… really? Vampires are not real either. I obviously have another great line… “they are more real than Jedi. They are basically biblical. They are ancient. Jedi were created in the 70’s.” And while I can see how dumb my comments are now as I type them… I still was sticking to my ground! We actually had a 20 minute conversation after that on who would win a fight between a vampire and a Jedi! (wow… that is a dorky thing to do).

So, as you can see, I seem to believe that “Hollywood” vampires are real. To make matters worse… I actually spent like 10 minutes the next day talking to John about a Jedi vampire. HAHAHA! Think about it… this could be George Lucas’ chance to win the Academy Award.


Meghan the Vampire

But combine them both…. you get….

The Jedi Vampire!

(Wow… I’m a dork!)